Synertron Tech demonstrates Wirecare in CA, USA

Thanks for Synertron Technology demonstrating Wirecare in Fitness & Health Fair

in Southern California on Nov/2023!

Fitness Day & Health Fair in Southern California begins with a five-month art contest and a two-week art exhibit, held at Rosemead Center covering exhibitors and seminars from healthy living and life related information to green life.

Synertron Technology, our new strategic partner for marketing Wirecare in market of USA on Q4/2023, was established in California and Taiwan over 20 years.

Synertron Technology serves virtually all laboratories and industrial markets, and offers a full range of PC-based products, Embedded Computing, AI Camera Product Solutions, Industrial Computers, Data Acquisition, Instrumentation Board-Level Products, and Camera Modules.

To know more about Fitness & Health Fair, sharing the spirit of Fitness & Health Awareness, Prosperity and Harmony-