Brook Livin WIRECARE pops up on Reuters COMMUNICAT


On the global celebration of the 2021-2022 Christmas, the innovative smart home brand【Brook Livin】officially announced the launch of new product "WIRECARE" in Times Square NYC, USA.

Brook Livin is specialized for customers on safety and convenience in daily lives. The global business and tourism center "Times Square in New York" and the crowded Reuters COMMUNICATE Building was specially selected to announce "WIRECARE", in prevention of electrical fire in house and business.

"WIRECARE" officially sells online in the United States and Canada through global e-commerce leader【Amazon】for North American customers.


"WIRECARE" detects socket and circuit safety levels, and informs users with simple green / orange / red LED signals. This benefits users to easily inspect overall household wiring safety, and proceed with necessary replacement to avoid home electrical fire.

Brook Livin expects that WIRECARE can be the master in delivering experience to users in preventing any unnecessary loss resulted from electrical fire.

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